“I swear that all things contained in my affidavit are lies, which the Court will believe 100%”.

I was told by a wise man once that ‘the best liar wins’ and no truer word has been spoken.

Court should all be about the truth… shouldn’t it? We all trust that the Court will do the right thing and listen to the truth, but in my experience truth has nothing to do with the Courts.

I have had client’s prove without a shadow of a doubt that the Family Consultant was lying but the Court refused to listen.

If you use the analogy that the Court is like a performance, then the best actor alway wins (that would be the narcissist). I am reminded of the scenes out of Chicago – Razzle Dazzel and Tap-dance around the witness.

It is the parent who can put on the best show, wins. I sometimes sit in a Court room and you can see some people actually enjoying their performance, as the Court room listens to them intently. When did the Court stop being about the law and more about the performance.

Maybe they should have at the front of the Court house the Circus master saying “step right up, step right up, come and see the greatest show in town.”

It’s not about the truth but who can tell the biggest and most believable lie. Wouldn’t it be great if when you walked in the Court room you were fitted with a lie detector and you could only tell the truth, or maybe we have to drink truth serum prior to entering the Court room.

It almost seems that at the end of the court hearing someone should shout “drumroll” and then the Judge will say…….“and the winner is”.

I have heard of witnesses lying on the stand which you think must be terrible and they will be held accountable… from the research I have undertaken, I have found very few cases of perjury in Australia during a Family Law matter, and I believe none with a jail term, first time offenders conviction.

How do we stop this, how do we make them tell the truth… The answer is very clear and already available to the Court, follow the law. Look at the evidence, place weighting in the Family Law Act, the Family Violence Act and section 60CC to protect our children.

If a person states something in Court, don’t just believe it, ask for them to prove it, provide evidence and reasons. If the people in the Courts just pay attention to the truth then the lies won’t win, there is no Razzle Dazzel.

I swear by Almight God that this is my name and my signature and the contents of this my affidavit is true. – Wouldn’t that be nice!!!