Why… Family, Federal and Children’s Court knowingly send children of Abuse to see Report Writers who have no training, qualifications or experience in Child Abuse.

I recently sat in a Court room and during a very limited period of time the Judge ordered several families to see Family Consultants for a F11 (a quick and dirty Family Report), 2 full Family Reports and two parents were ordered to have a mental health assessment.

In my calculations that is five F11 reports – say 2 children per report = 10 children, two family reports x 2 children = 4 children and two mental health assessments done on the parents that will affect 4 children.

So in one day, in one court room in the space of 3 1/2 hours, 18 children’s lives will be ruined by report writers.

If you work on the calculations each day in each Court house in Australia there is hundreds of children abused by this system. There are 28 Judges in Family Court, 67 Judges in Federal Circuit Court, so in total there are 95 Judges in the Family and Federal Circuit Courts.

So lets do the sums;

95 Judges x 10 to 20 cases per day (average 15 cases per day ) equals = 1425 families per day across Australia

1425 families x 5 days a week = 7125 families per week across Australia.

If we then take this one step further in the court room I attended there were 16 cases, so out of the 16 cases, 9 cases had to have a report undertaken and 4 had already undertaken one,  so there were only 3 cases that I was aware, that did not involve a report.

If we average that out in Australia approximately 5700 families are having some sort of report undertaken and ordered by the Court.

Lets say that each external report writer see’s 7 families per week, I estimate there is approximately 135 report writers in Australia so 945 report are being undertaken each week in Australia.

The average cost of a Family report by an external report writer can range from $3000 to $10000,  average it out to say $5000.

Each report writer is making approximately $35,000 per week x 45 weeks (average) so each report writer on average earns $1,575,000 per year x by 135 report writers = $212,625,000.

This is a multi-million dollar un-regulated industry in Australia, with no accountability, no enforceable standards or guidelines and no required training, qualification or experience.

In Australia too many children per week are forced to attend upon a report writer who has no training in Child Abuse.

Our Government is aware of this issue, and is doing nothing. The Courts are aware of this issue and they are doing nothing. The Prime Minister, Attorney General, State Premiers and Chief Ministers, and most Ministers in both State and Federal parliament are aware of this issue and are doing nothing. AHPRA is aware of this issue and they are doing nothing, Legal Aid Australia is aware of this issue and they are doing nothing. Child Protection are aware of this issue and they are doing nothing.

They simply don’t care about our children…..… 9 December 2017