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General Terms

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  6. Any continued misuse of the site may result in access being blocked to the site or if a member, your membership being suspended or cancelled at the sole discretion of Help Family Law and any membership fee’s paid will not be refunded;
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  10. Help Family Law maintains that by creating this web site, and allowing for public comment, this site is not intended to create a limited public forum or otherwise guarantee an individual’s right to free speech. Any views and comments expressed by users on this site are those of the users and do not necessarily reflect the views of Help Family Law.
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Reports Costs and Fees

  1. The client agrees to the services supplied as set out in the consent form and agrees to the costs and any rates as set out in the consent form. Any additional services will require the clients approval in written form. We reserve the right to adjust our services and rates after the period specified in the consent form;
  2. Fees for professional services do not include any third party or administration purchases such as but not limited to, supplying USB or disks, copying charges, printing, postage, handling or courier fees. Expenses are subject to GST. Help Family Law will provide a fixed cost for these additional costs which the client will approve before purchase;
  3. The client agrees to provide Help Family Law with all required information as set out in the Client Information Page/s in a timely and accurate manner;
  4. Help Family Law will adhere to the schedule to complete the services subject to the client providing the information as outlined in clause 8;
  5. Where schedules are not adhered to by the client, final delivery of the services will be adjusted accordingly. Additional costs may be incurred due to increase in time to manage and deliver the service as a result of delays caused by the client;
  6. If the client requests services of an urgent or priority nature that require overtime or weekend work the fees will be increased and need to be agreed by both parties prior to any services commencing. Overtime is defined as between 5.00pm – 9.00am Monday to Friday and all day Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays;
  7. The client agrees to pay a $150.00 deposit for Help Family Law to commence the services in accordance with the Client Information Page/s. The Client is required to pay the balance for the service prior to the release of the final document/s. The Client will receive a draft of the services for review and will advise if any changes are required. Once the changes are made the services supplied by Help Family Law are completed;
  8. The client authorises Help Family Law to perform such services as outlined in the consent form which includes access to private and personal information which the client has consented to;

Privacy Policy

  1. Help Family Law will not disclose to any third party or use, other than for the purposes of carrying out the service/s, any knowledge or information imparted to or obtained by it during or in connection with completing the services, which is confidential relating to the matter as supplied by the Client;
  2. This obligation of privacy will cease to apply in relation to information that Help Family Law is required to disclose by law;
  3. Help Family Law does not collect personal information about its Clients except when the Client provides the information voluntarily. Personal information gathered by Help Family Law from the registration for membership or online forum is held in its database and will not be used for any other purpose and will not be sold or given to any third party without the written permission of the Client.
  4. We do reserve the right to perform statistical analysis of user behaviour in order to measure interest in the use of the website and various areas of the site to inform suppliers of such information;
  5. The Client may request access to their personal information held on our database by giving written notification. Help Family Law has up to 45 days to comply with the request for access to any personal information.
  6. Access to Clients personal information is restricted to Help Family Law staff members with direct responsibility for providing the services or administration of the website. Help Family Law staff are not allowed to pass on any information about Clients information without written permission of the Client as outlined in clause 15;Dispute Resolution
  7. In the event of an unresolved dispute between the parties the following dispute resolution procedure will apply;
    a) the party claiming that a dispute has arisen shall give the other party written notice specifying the nature of the dispute;
    b) with 10 business days of receipt of the written notice the parties must hold discussions and negotiations in good faith in order to amicably resolve the dispute; and,
    c) in the event the parties cannot resolve the dispute through discussions and negotiations, the parties must use a mediator who is independent of the parties and appointed by agreement of the parties, or failing agreement within 7 days of receiving a notice of dispute, by a person appointed by the Australian Disputes Centre or such other relevant organisation.Termination
  8. Either party may terminate the services by giving 14 days written notice to the other of such termination. In the event that the work is terminated at the request of the Client, Help Family Law shall have the right to charge $150.00 for the work completed through to the date of the request to terminate, while reserving all rights under this Agreement;Cookies
  9. Help Family Law uses cookies on its website. By using the website you consent to the use of cookies;
  10. In the event you delete or instruct your web browser to delete or refuse cookies, you might not be able to use all of the features we offer, you may not be able to store your preferences, and or some of our pages may not display properly.

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